I began my Karate training on Oct 26, 1976 under the instruction of Tim Martin, Jerry Marr (Winnipeg), & Master Nishiyama (Los Angeles, CA) whose was chief instructor of the ITKF.


Officially took over the Yorkton location in 1978 as Tim Martin moved away and I'm still the chief instructor (and technical instructor for gradings) of the Yorkton club with a 3rd dan in Shotokan Karate and a 5th dan in Global Karate Inc. 


I have national and international certificaton in refereeing with the JKA as well as national refereeing status with Karate Canada. I have extensive coaching and refereeing experience for both national and international events.  


For approx. 25 years I was both the Vice President and on the board of directors for the Saskatchewan Karate Association and was instrumental in developing & implementing programs such as club development and athlete development grants. I am very active & passionate about the development of our athletes at the grass roots level today.